Sint Eustiatius (Statia)

Sint Eustatius also called Statia was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, and then the island changed hands 22 times to be finally Dutch colony.

Located between St Martin, St Barthelemy and St Kitts, far from mass tourism, this Pearl of the Dutch Antilles is in fact a destination and preferred for the kindness of its people so welcoming, and the richness of the undersea.


Statia is known for its beautiful scuba diving sites, all located in the Marine Park, with 2 natural reserve preserved from fishing.

The diversity of scuba diving sites : flows of lava going to the deep water, shipwrecks anchors and cannons from the 18th Century, diversity flora and underwater wildlife, makes each diving outsanding, and will leave you with unforgettables memories.

Swimming and snorkelling along the Caribbean Sea side beach with its cannons from the 18th Century.

You will try hiking on the volcano (QUILL) and browse its crater and its ecuadorian vegetation. Not missing out on the walk : the Fort and the ruins of the city Orangestad (the only city of the island).

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